Stress Organic Essential Oil

Stress Organic Essential Oil

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The physical effects of prolonged stress are numerous, including a greater susceptibility to illness, a lack of energy, problems with sleep, headaches, poor judgment, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and a host of other ills. Our Stress Release Blend will help dissolve stress and hence improve mental and physical well being


  • Worries, distress, anxiousness


  •  Our Stress Release Blend will help to support the nervous system and reduce feelings of irritability, nervous tension and panic, providing a sense of calm and comfort.


  • Works quickly to dissolve stress, reducing the risk of further health issues
  • Popular with both females and males
  • A natural solution in todays fast paced world


Containing 100% certified organic essential oils, ‘Stress Release’ combines:

  • Organic Sweet Orange
    (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel)

Has a sweet and uplifting aroma.

  • Organic Lavender
    (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Is a proven effective natural remedy for treating the signs of stress and anxiety.

  • Organic Mandarin
    (Citrus Nobilis Peel)

One of the best essential oils to relieve feelings of nausea, commonly related to stress.

  • Organic Ylang Ylang
    (Cananga Odorata Flower)

Ylang Ylang has been used for centuries for the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension. Has a sweet, floral uplifting aroma.

  • Organic Patchouli
    (Pogostemon Cablin Leaf)

Is commonly known as a ‘Stress Buster’ for it’s ability to release anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Patchouli essential oil can stimulate the release of the hormone serotonin, the hormone which is responsible for making you feel happy! Patchouli Essential Oil is a strong natural sedative which can induce feelings of calmness and relieve depression

  • Organic Non-Phototoxic Bergamot
    (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Peel)

Is known for it’s antidepressant and is stimulating properties. By improving the circulation in the blood, Bergamot generates a feeling of joy and energy, overcoming feelings of sadness and worry.